Turning R&D costs into R&D Tax Credits for start ups and established businesses

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R&D Tax Claims

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We work with you and your accountant to claim R&D costs as tax credits. The process is simple and straightforward

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We write a technical report that supports your claim at HMRC. We stand by the report. There's nothing to pay if your claim is not successful.

Why choose RADIFY?

Passionate about Progress

We love to help innovative businesses flourish.

R&D Cost Relief

Reclaim your qualifying R&D costs. Turn them into valuable tax relief each year.

Software Expertise

Most R&D claims include software. We have over 25 years software and IT experience.

Successful Claims

We uncover qualifying R&D costs to maximise your claim.

Saving your Time

We ask the right people the right questions to uncover your qualifying R&D quickly.

Robust Technical Reports

Our software and technical experts understand your R&D and write clear reports for HMRC.

We deal with HMRC

We stand by your R&D claim and handle HMRC queries for you.

Success Pays

Only pay when your claim is succcessful. Claims are usually paid within six weeks.

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